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Do Wedding

It's the Marriage that's important

not the wedding.


So you want to get married? Great.

It抯 a great thing to do and 75% of people who live together want to get married.


But you抳e heard that a wedding can cost a HUGE amount and you don have a sack of cash? Not so great.



ALL THE FREE options on this site are things that people have done in weddings I have known. Put them all together and the cost of your wedding is just the the government takes as their cut.









But really a wedding doesn have to cost a fortune, and it doesn have to be cheap and nasty either.


This site aims to help you see how you can save money on things so that you can spend on the important things in your life.


If you follow all the suggestions in this site you could marry for under 0. But most people will have some places where they really want to spend a little more.








So work your way through the pages and see what you can do, so you can have a great wedding day without spending a fortune.